Europe has a new destination for prestige shopping, culture and entertainment, housed within a magnificent historical edifice

VENICE. The Fondaco dei Tedeschi, located at the foot of Venice’s Rialto bridge, reopens to the public as a luxury retail centre with space for culture as well.
The restored palazzo which many Venetians know as the Post Office building has come under new management by luxury goods retailer DFS, a subsidiary of the colossus LVMH Group, while still belonging to Benetton. The new luxury retail centre will be formally inaugurated on Friday evening at an invitation-only event and open to the public on Saturday.

“I am happy to have led this project, which restores a building constructed for this very purpose to its origins,” said DFS Italia deputy chairman Roberto Meneghesso. “Our company was looking for a market in the heart of old Europe and we jumped on the chance to open in the most beautiful country on the continent and in the most beautiful city in Italy,” he added.

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Fonte: La Nuova di Venezia