The city of Venice proudly presents ‘LovEat’, the first trade show related to excellence in both Italian and international food and wine products.
Located in a mostly unique setting, LovEat equally involves experiential tourism linked to products and producers.

It will take place at Pala Expo from December 2nd to December 4th 2016.

More than 250 exhibition stands. LovEat offers more than 250 exhibition stands available for rent measuring 3 x 3 metres each. Every stand will be previously set up for first – rate national and international producers to use. High ranking exhibitors and operators will equally benefit from both equipment and merchandise insurance.
Furthermore, exhibition stands may be shared by two different enterprises.

Attendees with a booked stand will gain access to the following no – additional cost benefits:

  • Having one’s own products being tasted andsold inside the trade’s own network
  • A free 4 star hotel room per stand for three days
  • More rooms available to exhibitors at a discount price in those same 4 star hotels
  • A whole day specifically dedicated to “B2B” in collaboration with international buyers. It will be possible thanks to our partnership with Eurosportello del Veneto, a national corporation cooperating with the Enterprise Europe Network. As the world’s largest support network for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) with international ambitions, the Enterprise Europe Network will promote LovEat as a valuable and mostly unique trade show in the 600 worldwide located offices in which it currently operates.
  • A whole day equally dedicated to “B2B” in collaboration with some of the most prominent international Tour Operators openly interested in food and wine tourism.
  • Producers and businessmen will benefit from our partnership with Stile Italiano, a high ranking qualified company dealing with the exportation of refined goods in Asian countries. The penetration of such business companies in the Chinese commercial network is guaranteed to lead to the first – hand management of any possible bureaucratic and customs duties.

Free entry to both qualified seminars and workshops focusing on different topics:

. The DietaMediterranea(The Mediterranean Diet), which has been notably inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. While combining elements derived from both natural and cultural local traditions, this diet stands out as a balanced example of the Mediterranean lifestyle as an international excellence.
. e-Commerce, combining the best strategies for successful online sales
. Health and Food, as a chance to explore what has changed in consumers’ minds
. Communication & Marketing: Mass Media, Advertising, Packaging. To put it differently: how to enhance outcomes while minimizing efforts.

  • Both technical and specific linguistic support
  • Attendees will be greeted by a qualified help desk providing them with useful data, addresses and contacts related to foreign markets.
  • Exhibitors will benefit from complete media coverage and both online and offline ad campaigns promoting their own brands and products in Italy and abroad. Such services will be supplied by press releases and specific advertisements published between September 2016 and January 2017.
  • Free access to the expanding worldwide network of experiential tourism related to food and wine combined with holiday or gastronomic packages.
  • Free access to LovEat’s own e-commerce network in order to sell online one’s own products